I am Anne-Cécile Graber.

I am an organization development specialist, a certified workshop moderator and a SCRUM Master. I am French and live in Germany since 2013. I worked internationally with start-ups, SMEs and multinationals such as Volkswagen, the OECD, and the Saint-Gobain Group.


I have a M.A in organisational sciences from the George Washington University. I am also certified in design thinking. I speak fluently German, English and Spanish and lived in Paris, Madrid, London and Washington, DC.  

Workshops can help you stay competitive

My customers based in France or Germany must change to remain competitive nationally and internationally. I work hand in hand with their teams to develop an action plan that takes into account the size, culture and environment in which the organization operates.


Teams cooperate and identify the risks and opportunities surrounding them. They are involved in the change process and can directly implement the unique solutions developed during the workshops.


Personal interactions during a workshop create the necessary link between employees. They then feel more responsible for the implementation of the plan developed together, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a practical and pragmatic solution at the company level.


I also use my expertise in organizational development to ensure that each workshop has a concrete objective. I can accompany teams in German, French, English and Spanish.


Why me?

I worked in different countries and have had the opportunity to work in large groups, SMEs and also Start-ups. I know the challenges that each of these organizations faces. In addition, I am an organizational development specialist and fluent in four languages. All these experiences allow me to adapt my approach to the company I work with.

Most answers to strategic questions emerge when your teams have the opportunity to interact. Interdisciplinary interactions can lead to the creation of solutions that are aligned with the reality of business life. Teams sometimes need external and neutral intervention to guide their thinking and open them to new perspectives.

Individual and organizational changes have one thing in common: human beings who are experiencing change.

During my life, I have moved several times to new countries and worked in different professions. I know from experience that even desired changes can be difficult to implement. My listening and empathy allow me to recognize when employees are having a difficult time and to act accordingly.

I care deeply about people and their success. I facilitate the change process and foster cooperation.

7years of experience
5countries lived in
100and more articles

I simply love facilitating change!

I love work with optimistic teams who contribute to their organization’s success. Supporting the growth of those who act even if they are scared delights me.

It is a pleasure to give a room for reflection to individuals and teams. I find it fascinating to see how teams who were unsure about their future can end up motivated to take action.

I love to work with professionals who co-create solutions.

How does work with me look like?

First, we clarify the needs of your organization and the purpose of the intervention. Together we ensure that we use the right methods. We then determine the phases of the intervention and the conditions of our cooperation. After my intervention, we remain in contact.

Most of the time, I offer workshops at my clients' premises because employees feel more comfortable there. However, it is possible to organize them off-site.

Each workshop is unique and can last from half a day to several days.

I also offer individual support and advice to ensure the success of the project.

If you are interested, I invite you to make a first telephone appointment. Simply fill out the form below.