You are a successful team


You Experience

tensions due to misunderstandings. Your team is heterogeneous. You have different cultures, expertise, expectation and needs.

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You need

to adapt quickly to a new situation. You started a new projects or the external world has changed drastically. If you do not adapt you face the risk to disappear.

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Your vision

of the future lacks clarity. It is not easy for your team to agree on your common objective. You cannot put your finger on the root of the problem.

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Work with me

I invite you to clarify your communication in order to initiate a winning joint action.

Together we will go through the following stages:


In a first stage, we take the time to clarify individual needs and expectations. Then we define the common goal in a way that motivates and includes each individual. 


The second steps consist of building a precise and detailed action plan. Each individual is involved in the creation of the plan to increase motivation and engagement. 


In this third stage, it is time to experiment and improve the plan. We make sure that individuals strengths are reinforced and that problems are solved as they arise.  

In complex contexts where misunderstandings create tension, I come to undo the knots and facilitate collaboration. I bring the tools most suited to your situation, tools that I have acquired through my experiences in different companies and countries.
My experiences
  • I lived and worked in 5 different countries (France, Spain, England, United States and Germany)
  • I worked for Start-ups, SMEs, Large Groups and international organizations
  • I was part of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams
  • I managed to create a common language of success
My tools
  • 4 languages ​​(French, German, English and Spanish)
  • Systemic workshop facilitation - Certified
  • Systemic Coaching - Certified
  • Trainer - Certified (Train the Trainer )
  • NLP Practitioner - Certified
  • Master in Organizational Science
  • Bachelor in Computer Systems Management
  • Bachelor in International Management 
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My Services

I guide individuals in a team with lightness and joy to achieve their common goal.

Team Development & Team Building

Together we discuss about your goal and the challenges you are facing. Then, I create workhsops to achieve your goals. In a workshop, your team will go through individual and group exercises. Your team will define innovative solutions, make decisions, manage a conflict or a change. Through my systemic facilitation, individual strengths and potentials are optimally used. The interactions with your company's system are also taken into account.

I offer those workshop in English, German and French.

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They Trusted Me

We worked together.


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My business partners

We complement each other in our abilities and share the same values

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Elizabeth Lembke is the CEO of Transforming Talents. She is a frequent chairperson of learning, HR, cultural and talent conferences around the world. She publishes a biweekly Transforming Talent Insights newsletter, co-organizes the HR Improv Theatre and is currently building a co-creator program with Anne-Cécile Graber.
new&able Management- und Organisationsberatung GmbH

new&able Management- und Organisationsberatung GmbH is a consulting agency who supports its customers in using the organisational intelligence in their companies to achieve decisive competitive advantages and to master future challenges.

Kiramiga – beyond relocation offers hands-on & online seminars for expatriates on various topics around the Daily German life (from shopping - food, toiletries, detergents to German quirks, House & Neighborhood Rules plus medical & emergency). Also on offer are private consultations for individual questions and topics. For pregnant women and new moms they offer a separate platform for optimal support called Gravidamiga – pregnancy & babies.
Their extensive blog offers tons of information on various topics around living in Germany, Stuttgart. Their special Survival German course will teach you what you need to know to get around.

pfs-solution is a consulting agency. Their vision is to shape the sustainability of companies and organisations in which people of all generations work together with appreciation.

Jana Larissa Nagusch is the founder of Querblick. She accompanies organizations, teams, and individuals in change processes in the form of moderation, workshops, and coaching, and creates spaces for rethinking, lateral thinking, and large-scale thinking. Her main focus is knowledge management. She accompanies organizations in establishing and expanding knowledge management, gives lectures and training courses. She also works as a freelance consultant for the state of Berlin.

Medi Joy Yoga is lead by Yvonne. She is certified in Anusara® Yoga and as a meditation teacher. She is the one to go to refocus.

Stuttgart Expats

Stuttgart Expats is a community for Expats in Stuttgart to enjoy events in Stuttgart together. We're Expats, we live in Stuttgart, and we meet up. What’s not to like?

At Your FLOCK, we truly believe (in fact, we know) that people work better (especially when they are remote working or working from home) when they enjoy doing what they do.

We help employers and individuals to match together based on the system of values and beliefs they live by.