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Professional workshops to learn how to work more effectively alone and in teams while focusing on the human side of business.

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Leading differently

Using your company vision

On one side, you dream of engaged employees who go the extra mile without being asked for it. On the other side, employees want to contribute. You want less bureaucracy, silos and ineffective processes in order to decreases absenteeism, disengagement, resistance to change, and counter productivity.You desire to improve those different situations by considering differently the way you manage your companies. You can focus on trust, self-management and agile change in order to build the living organization that reinvents itself and adapts to the world around it while respecting its members.

Self-management is based on the belief that your employees are trustworthy and can take decisions on their own while respecting the company vision. Each individual is as important as any other. The intelligence and talents of each employee is respected, recognised and deployed for the company development. Self-management allows the group intelligence to emerge which creates more adaptable employees and teams. They are then able to take advantage of opportunities when they see them. Sharing the power between all employees improve cooperation and is enable thanks to conflict management processes.

For those who want to make a difference

You want to see a difference in your workplace and are willing to change the way you cooperate, communicate, and lead. You know that nothing can change if no one has the courage to take the first step. You believe like me that engaged employees bring much more than profit to a company. It brings fulfillment, joy and self-actualization. You are looking for another way to develop your organization and yourself. Let's work together to create the world you envision.

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Anne-Cécile Graber & Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin

About Anne-Cécile Graber

I am an organizational development consultant and speak French, English, German and Spanish. I worked in various countries and in all type and size of organizations and came to the conclusion that the system in place did not take into account the individual talents and intelligences. I believe that when we recognize individuals talents, competencies and inner drive companies thrive and the world become a better place.

Great companies aren't born, they are made

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A Change Agent
Anne-Cécile has succeeded in our various projects to analyze internal problems which allowed us to improve...
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