Unlock Your Organization's Full Potential with a Comprehensive 360° Analysis

Transform Your Leadership, Enhance Communication, and Drive Strategic Success

Why should you choose acG Management Solutions’ analysis?

Stages of the analysis

C-Level Interviews

We begin with online interviews with your C-Level executives. These discussions are aimed at understanding your perception of the organizations level of development in each area mentioned above.

Employee questionnaire

Following the interviews, we will distribute a customized, anonymous questionnaire to your employees. This step ensures a broad spectrum of insights, capturing the essence of your organization’s development level.


We compare the results of the interviews and questionnaires. We give you a 360-degree understanding of your organization and areas for improvement.

Final report & Live presentation

At the end, you will receive:

A live presentation session, offering a platform for discussion, feedback, and clarification on the recommendations provided.

A final report, complete with actionable recommendations tailored to enhance your organizational development and strategic execution.

Frequently asked questions

What does the analysis involve?

It covers all the areas of organizational development, which are: leadership, communication, strategic planning, change management, performance, and talent management.

How is the analysis conducted?

Through interviews with senior management and questionnaires for employees to ensure a 360° perspective of your organization.

Who should consider this analysis?

Any organization that wants to improve its effectiveness and strategic execution.

How long does the analysis take?

The timeframe varies based on the number of employees. It usually culminates in a detailed report and presentation session.

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