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Why coming to an event?

Companies are living organisms that need continuous learning in order to thrive. Your workforce needs practical knowledge and advice on how to better perform at work. This benefits the whole company. Those events allow individuals with the same goals to learn in an interactive way and to exchange experiences.

  • Improve leadership and communication
  • Develop an effective strategy and change management
  • Foster performance and talent management?


Leadership & Communication

Leadership & Communication can be improve at the individual and group level. Learn how to create conditions to promote positive leadership, self-management and transparent communication.

Strategy & Change Management

Strategy & Change Management work best when people impacted by them are involved in the decision making process. Learn how to encourage innovation, creativity and much more thanks to agile methdologies and Design Thinking.

Performance & Talent Management

Performance & Talent Management drive companies to success or failure by fitting indivuduals talents to the organization needs while ensure performance. Learn how to create optimal conditions to do so.

What will I learn?

The events aim to help professionals and businesses to find practical answers to their issues. We are social beings and we learn best by doing not by listening or watching. One can read all business books in the world. It does not mean that the person is a business man. We need practical experimentation.

In those events you will :

  • meet participants with the same goal and mindset.
  • explore, learn and try new techniques or exercises.
  • be in a a secure environment where asking questions, reflecting and connecting are encouraged.
  • be a learner and a teacher.
  • be in an interactive environment that facilitates learning.
  • modify your perception of the world & open up to new opportunities.

How does it work?

The length of the workshop depends on its content. In general a Workshop can last between 1,5 hours and a full day. The duration will always be indicated.
The workshops are available in French, German, English and Spanish. The languages in which the event is always indicated. I also deliver workshops in the language you prefer. Just ask for it.
The location of the workshops will always be indicated in advance. They can take place online as well as in Stuttgart area and Paris.
Registration to workshops take place online. Each workshop has a dedicated registration page that you will receive per E-mail. You can always contact me if you have questions.

Speaker for you

Your company, team or employees need to accelerate the process of finding solutions to your business problem or you are a professional and wish there was “the”workshop for you. You are for sure not the only one. Tell me what you need and I will create the  experience you need to achieve your goals.