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Having people within the organization is bound to bring conflicts because everyone sees one piece of the puzzle. Anne-Cecile’s passion is to elaborate solutions focused on each individuals and group behavior with both leaders and employees. Understanding how people make decisions and relate to each other is key to achieving common goals. There is not one solution fits all because each situation is unique and complex.

This is the reason why Anne-Cécile has immersed herself in different cultures and companies that honed her open mindset. She is a French organizational development consultant who speaks fluent German, Spanish, and English. Her approach is to carefully listen and scrutinize problems before developing fitting solutions with you and the company.

For her, success is improving an organization’s life with an in-depth focus on individuals and their work environment. It is implemented in companies through their vision, values, and commitment to respect their employees and clients through set of rules, roles and well defined expectations. .

She works at new&able in Germany. In her free time, Anne-Cécile can be seen enjoying food & activities with friends, publishing works on her blog, and sewing.

7Years of experience
5Countries lived in


I envision companies whose transparency encourages dialogue, social inclusion, and positive behavior and that consider their employees as trustworthy, independent and with equal rights.


My mission is to support organizations & individuals in implementing a more Human Centered Management by writing this blog and offering my services as a consultant and a coach through new&able.



Welcoming you as you are with your belief, culture and unique way of seeing the world.


Each one of us as unique needs, strengths and dimension of improvement. I will adapt my approach to you.


Things will not come handed to you. You must put in the work and diligently go toward your goals.


We all live together on earth and it is our personal responsibility to treat each other with love and respect.