Who is Anne-Cécile?

A Workshop Facilitator who empower diverse Teams


I was born and raised in Paris. I lived and studied abroad before moving to Germany in 2013. I studied in a business school and obtained two bachelor’s degrees. The first in France in international management with a specialization in innovation and the second one in London in information systems management. During these studies I also did internships abroad.

I had the opportunity to work at the OECD and to participate in the organization of international conferences as well as in information management. My desire to understand and promote people-centered change led me to do a Master’s degree in organizational sciences at the George Washington University in the United States of America. Soon after, I emigrated to Germany without speaking a word of German. I learned this language in one year and a half thanks to my dedication and efforts. Since then I have worked as a consultant for SMEs, start-ups and large companies such as Volkswagen, EnBW, and the Leipziger Wasserwerke. I have managed consulting projects in process optimization, team building and work reorganization.

I see my very fast integration in different countries such as Spain, Great Britain, USA and Germany as important steps in my personal development. I had the opportunity to discover and develop my own resources and to coach other people in their development.

In addition to my analytical and creative expertise, I bring a lot of empathy, originality and interculturalism. I look forward to doing something extraordinary for you too and I am looking forward to our first discussion.

Anne Cecile Graber

My mission

Guide your team through change

My clients based in France and Germany want to remain competitive. To achieve this, they need a change. By developing a personalized action plan that takes into account their expertise and diversity. I help them reach their goals faster.

Thanks to my support, teams work better together and draw on their resources, knowledge and skills to develop appropriate solutions faster and more flexibly.

I use my know-how in organizational development and business to ensure goal-oriented interventions.

Who works with Anne-Cécile?

Diverse Teams who want to achieve a common goal

My clients work in diverse teams and they know that they must change something to achieve their goals. I work hand in hand with them to develop an action plan that takes into account their situation, personality, values and competences while keeping in mind that they evolve in a multicultural workplace.

During our work we observe their situation from different perspectives in order to define the best next steps. I make sure that each important aspects is looked at during the change process. This way they own their solution and are more inclined to implement it.

Personal interactions during a change create the necessary commitment and energy to act. My clients feel responsible for the implementation of the action plan. Furthermore, we take into account their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a practical and pragmatic solution.

I also use my expertise to ensure that each team has a concrete objective. I can accompany you in German, French, English and Spanish.

Why work with Anne-Cécile Graber?

Use the tension in your team to co-create instead of co-destruct

Diverse experiences

I have lived in five different countries. I have worked in interdisciplinary teams, in start-ups, in SMEs as well as in global companies such as VW, so I bring a wide range of experience to the table. In recent years I have been involved in consulting activities.

These diverse experiences have made me a visionary thinker who has change in her blood. This enables me to guide people during a transformation with empathy. I see the introduction of New Work as a cultural change, which I want to support with my internationality.

Germany – organizational development:

  • Volkswagen,
  • Leipzig Waterworks
  • EnBW

France – international projects:

  • Saint-Gobain Group,
  • Startups


  • M.A. in Organizational Development, George Washington University, USA
  • Bachelor in Innovation & International Business Administration, ESC Troyes, France
  • Bachelor in Informations systemes, London South Bank University, England
  • Train the Trainer (German Chamber of Commerce)
  • Systemic Coaching
  • Systemic Facilitator
  • The Science of Wellbeing (Yale University)
  • SCRUM Master Professional I
  • Human Centered Design
  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish

7 years

of experience





What I love to do…

transform a painful process into a joyful co-creation

With my optimistic attitude I accompany individuals who want to contribute to their team success. I support your team with my experiences, knowledge and skills by creating a safe space where you can develop a common vision. I firmly believe that the future should be developed by and for employees. I see my role as a space holder and a bridge builder.

Working with Anne-Cécile Graber

looks like this…

First, we clarify the purpose of the intervention during a non-binding call or meeting. Together we understand the current situation and recognize the challenge faced by the team..

Once we have decided to work together, we define the conditions and the phases of the intervention. Most of the time, I work directly at my client’s premises, because the employees feel more comfortable there. However, it is possible to organize interventions outside the company.

If you want to invest in your success, I invite you to book a Free Discovery Call. Just click on the button below.

See you soon!

What they say…

This is what clients are saying about me

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
EVELYNE ABOMO CEO at Valoris Concept

Each time we work together she finds original ways to help us find a solution.


I enjoy working with Anne-Cécile because she has the exceptional ability to listen to understand and give relevant, neutral and humble advice.


Anne-Cécile has the ability to recognize unidentified needs and suggest actions accordingly.

Get in touch…

To determine how I will support your co-creation