Who is Anne-Cécile?

A coach who believes you can do it!

Hello you!

I am happy to welcome you here. I am sure that you would like to know more about myself before working with me. I resisted the idea of becoming a coach for a very long time. 30 years to be precise 😉 I had to come to the realization that if there is one thing I do best. It is to support others in their reflection and use my creativity to guide them or give them an impulse. I love to listen and to understand others. I love to be there for those who are looking for a constructive solution and who are ready to overcome difficulties by taking ownership of their life. I am here to support the doers.

I was born in Paris, France and lived in three countries before moving to Germany in 2013. I worked or studied in those countries and had the chance to discover different kind of companies: the sexy start-ups before they were fashionable, SMEs in Germany and multinationals such as Volkswagen and the Saint-Gobain Group in France and Spain. I also got the opportunity to work for the OECD in Paris and discovered the world of international policy making. I had an incredible amount of various experiences before I even turned 25.

As I turned 24, my passion for change led me to obtain a M.A. in organizational sciences from the George Washington University because I believe that if we want to make the world a better place we need to understand how people can better cooperate together. Beforehand I obtained a Bachelor in  International Business Administration in France and one in Information Systems Management in London. I never stopped learning and read books, scientific articles, study cases and so one and so forth. I am a curious person who get inspired from very different sources.

I also gained more knowledge through certifications such as systemic moderation, systemic coaching, Design Thinking and Professional Scrum Master I. I speak fluently German, English and Spanish.  I better stop here with my biography otherwise you will end up ready a book 😉

Who works with Anne-Cécile?

Doers ready to take ownership of their life!

My clients work in multicultural workplaces and they know that they must change something to achieve their goals. I work hand in hand with them to develop an action plan that takes into account their situation, personality, values and competences while keeping in mind that they evolve in a multicultural workplace.

I support foreigners who want to achieve something new. Sometimes they want to decide between two options, they face a conflict at work, they feel stuck in a situation or they have a clear goal and need support to achieve it.

During our work we observe their situation from different perspectives in order to define the best next steps. I make sure that each important aspects is looked at during the change process. This way they own their solution and are more inclined to implement it.

Personal interactions during a coaching create the necessary commitment and energy to act. My clients feel more responsible for the implementation of the action plan. Furthermore, we take into account their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a practical and pragmatic solution.

I also use my expertise to ensure that each coaching has a concrete objective. I can accompany you in German, French, English and Spanish.

A Transcultural at your service

Let me be your coach

Personal and organizational development are my passions. I went through many culture shocks and worked with all kind of people from the schwab worker in Stuttgart to the head of international conferences at the OECD.  When you work with me you get access to this diversity of intercultural experiences and organizational development. It allows me to coach you on different topics: leadership, communication, strategy, change, talent growth and performance development.

You know your life better than anyone else. You are the best on to decide what to do with it. I am your way finder in times of necessary change because you sometimes need an external, goal-oriented and neutral coaching. You are well equipped to prepare yourself for the future.

I moved to new countries several times and had different roles. I know from experience that it can be difficult to implement desired changes alone. I am very interested in people and their success. I facilitate the change process and promote self-development by creating a positive atmosphere which enables you to focus on your strengths and desires to solve problems. You can take a step back and change your perspective in order to connect the dots and achieve your goal.

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What I do…

I offer a variety of services including


I coach professionals in multicultural environments who want achieve their goals. I love to coach people and contribute to their success. Supporting the growth of those who act even if they are scared delights me. It is a pleasure to create a brave space to enable you. I encourage deep reflection and exchanges. I am fascinated to see my clients who were unsure about the action they should take get motivated to take action.

The coaching can be booked as a private person and for employees in an organization.

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I ALSO facilitate workshops for multicultural teams who want achieve their goals thanks to design thinking principles. I use all the things I have learned in my facilitation training to clarify your why and get your team to the next level of commitment and actions. The workshops take place in your company office.

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What they say…

What clients are saying about me?

EVELYNE ABOMO CEO at Valoris Concept

Each time we work together she finds original ways to help me find a solution.


I enjoy working with Anne-Cécile because she has the exceptional ability to listen to understand and give relevant, neutral and humble advice.


Anne-Cécile has the ability to identify unidentified needs and suggest actions accordingly.

I enable adaptive change.

For professionals in multicultural workplaces

How we do…

A simple process


It all starts with a free discovery call. You describe your situation and I explain you how a coaching with me looks like. It is a great time to evaluate if we can imagine a cooperation. We determine how often we will work together, if we are going to meet in person or online. I answer your questions and announce my price.

Free discovery call


Celebration time!!! You decided that you wanted to work with me. We clarify the details of our cooperation. This is when we sign a coaching contract and agree on the first coaching appointment.


This is the moment where we explore your situation and look at it from different angles. We find a way to answer the question you came with. I usually give you activities to do between each sessions. This is a goo time for you to explore even deeper what we touched upon during a coaching.


That’s it! You found your way and you feel ready to take action fully energized and focused. It is time to say goodbye. We stay in touch to make sure your journey is smooth. You can  always call in case you need some more coaching 😉

Get in touch…

To arrange a coaching or workshop, send me a message.