while working in Germany

You are unhappy in your career.

You feel teared up between safety and having a job you like.

You fight with low self-confidence.


a professional life where...

You recognize your competences and skills.

You made a clear decision about your career.

You start moving forward, again.


I coach you to clarify your professional goal and to initiate change thanks to the following three journeys:


Calibrate your compass to regain clarity. You define your professional goal based on your values and expectations. Finally, a goal that satisfies you.

→ Make a skills assessment

→ Define your professional needs & expectations

→ Determine what you really want to do


You're on a new course! Learn how to deal with storms to stay on track. Stay calm to maintain harmonious relationships with others and yourself.

→ Overcoming obstacles with determination

→ Staying motivated

→ Communicate calmly


Find out how to use the power of networking. Introduce yourself in less than three minutes to leave a long lasting impression.

→ Activate my network

→ Learn the art of getting answers

→ Pitch your profile in 3 minutes

Anne Cecile Graber


I coach people like you to make a decision and go for it.

In times of uncertainty. I coach individuals to clarify their professional future. I use my experiences abroad as well as my training to adapt my approach to their unique situation.

86% recommendation from the people I've coached.

4 Languages + 5 Countries France, Spain, England, United States and Germany

Systemic Coaching, Training, Facilitation and NLP Practitioner

7 years of experience I've worked for Start-Ups (Conferensum, Diafyt), TPE (Valoris Concept), SME (Moki Mobile Kinderkrankenpflege), International organizations (OECD,vSaint-Gobain, Volkswagen) and many others (EnBW, Leipziger Wasserwerke, ...)


This is what clients say about working with me...

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Clément G. Inside Sales

I wanted to have a better view in my current career, before changing job. I had challenges to organize myself and understand what I really wanted. The biggest problem I wanted to solve was to know exactly what I wanted to do and avoid changing without a good vision.
The crucial point that made me work with Anne-Cécile was to receive help where I needed. I just want now to find a job that suits my professional needs. Now, I have my strategy that I can deploy the soonest I can. The thing I liked the most about the coaching was to have a person in front of me that understand my needs.
The most important thing other customers should know about a coaching with Anne-Cécile is that the final answer is yours. The coach is here to help, not to do the job for you. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. I would encourage people to get a coaching with Anne-Cécile who asks the right questions.

Daniel Erasmo Maldondo Arjona Buyer at an international car company

Before the coaching I couldn’t decide clearly which should be my next steps. I wanted to be more conscious of me and my capabilities. Today, I am a better person thanks to the interaction with Anne-Cécile and the ambient that we created. I encourage future clients to trust her.

Lynn B. Decathlon Germany

I found a new way in my professional life!
A great coach is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget. Thanks for your patience, great professional insights and your open minded spirit, I found a new way in my professional life. I am very thankful for that.

Penda G. Looking for a job at that time

he best thing that happened to me in a period of total blackout
Before coming to Germany, I had no idea that things were going to be so difficult. By working with Anne-Cécile, I first wanted to regain my self-confidence. I wanted to look myself in the mirror and tell myself intimately that I was capable of succeeding in Germany. What convinced me to work with Anne-Cécile during the discovery call is her ability to listen, to always try to understand and the time she took to explain things well.

What I liked most was first of all her professionalism, her punctuality and then inevitably the result. In the end, Anne-Cécile helped me to be on the path to my goal by feeling able to cope with the difficulties. At first I wasn’t too convinced that this experience could change the way I saw things. Today, I can say loud and clear that this cooperation is the best thing that has happened to me in a period of total blackout. Today I have hope for the future.

Aude G. Professional new orientation

Before we worked together, I was at the very beginning of my job search, after a burnout and a resignation for health reasons. I wanted to change my career but didn't know where to start.
I needed to regain my self-confidence, overcome my anxiety about finding a job and have the right tools to move forward. I was looking for support, an outside perspective on my career path and my current situation. I wanted to make an inventory of my skills and know where I should go.
After the coachings, I know better what I want and what I am capable of. I feel like I've made a lot of progress. I've already sent out several applications and I feel like I'm well on my way in my search.
I liked the method and the exercises, which allowed me to really think about things. The skills assessment allowed me to regain my self-confidence. Our sessions were warm and pleasant, with always the possibility to have an exchange between sessions if needed. Anne-Cécile, you are caring and available, your positive energy is contagious. I am very satisfied.
I would you recommend me to someone who wants to take their professional situation in their hands and move forward, to someone who is looking for a job or who wants to retrain.

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