Anne-Cecile is a trusted partner, entirely dedicated to your success.

With pragmatism, skill and know-how Anne-Cécile Graber designs change processes and optimization of organizations.

Team Besprechung Anne Cecile Graber Expertin für Organisationsentwicklung

Leadership and Communication

Together, we identify the aspects to be optimized in terms of management and communication. We develop an action plan, implement the necessary processes and evaluate the success of our approach. You benefit from ACG’s extensive experience in this field.

Strategie -Anne Cecile Graber Expertin für Organisationsentwicklung

Strategy and Change Management

How adapted is your corporate strategy for the future, which opportunities are hiding in potential change processes? Anne-Cécile Graber has been advising board members, managing directors and executives for years to generate growth, optimize processes and use synergies. As a master of organizational development, she offers a full spectrum of consulting, training and facilitation for change in your company.

Talent Management - Anne Cecile Graber Moderatorin für Organisationsentwicklung und Business Consulting

Talent and Performance Management

Is your HR state of the art to ensure absolute top performance? together, let’s find ways to attract, motivate and inspire all employees with your company vision! With her international experience, her multicultural spectrum, Anne-Cécile Graber has exactly the expertise to inspire people and to pass on the fire that moves us forward.

Anne-Cécile Graber offers 10 years of experience, 100% commitment and the courage to use new methods.

With ten years of experience, Anne-Cécile Graber has exactly the right combination of experience, innovative strength and adaptability. Her activities in four countries and her experiences in Anglo-Saxon and German-speaking corporate cultures have left a lasting impression on her. She approaches her work in three steps following the Action Change Generator method:

The 360° organizational development analysis

In the first step, she works with the board of directors. Thanks to her diagnostic tool, she identifies problems that slow down your organizational development. This tool assesses leadership, communication, strategy, change, talent and performance management. You gain clarity!

The fundamentals of a successful business

In the second step, we lay the foundation and build a coherent strategy for the necessary improvements. The following foundation are layed down to create the action plan: Board vision, values, roles and communication. From these, we develop a consistent catalog of measures for all hierarchical levels.

Participatory execution

All measures are planned, implemented and evaluated thanks to participatory processes. The resulting changes are integrated by employees. They are actors, assume their responsibilities and gain autonomy.