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Change Facilitation

A Case Study of Transformative Workshop

21st of November 2023 – 09:00 17:00 – Fellbach

Change is both challenging and necessary, especially in dynamic work environments like housing cooperatives. Recently, I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop for a unique team grappling with the transition to a new managing board and simmering internal conflicts.

The workshop setting

The cooperative consisted of a managing director and eight employees with diverse roles, ranging from accounting to legal services. The need for change was evident, as the cooperative was on the cusp of a new era under different leadership.

Initial challenges before the workshop

Workshop Strategy: Engaging and Analyzing

The workshop began with a unique exercise: the ‘cameraman team’ activity. Participants were asked to imagine a film crew had followed them for a year, capturing their interactions. This imaginative scenario encouraged them to objectively look for facts and reflect on their actions and interactions within the team.

In the next phase, we delved into a root cause analysis, conducted in two groups. This method allowed participants to dissect the issues layer by layer, fostering a deeper understanding of the underlying problems.

Overcoming Initial Hesitations

Initially, the participants were reserved. It’s natural in such settings, where people are accustomed to guarding their opinions. However, as they engaged in the analysis, they began to identify external factors and other team members as the sources of problems. This is where I intervened, reminding them of the limitations of their perspectives and steering the focus away from blame and towards solutions.

The Walt Disney Method: Imagining Possibilities during a workshop

The atmosphere shifted dramatically as we employed the Walt Disney method. This phase of the workshop was marked by laughter and creativity, with the team brainstorming in a space of limitless possibilities. They built upon each other’s ideas, breaking down barriers and fostering a collaborative spirit.

Tangible Outcomes at the end of the workshop

The immediate outcome was a decision to work with a third party to manage external calls, ensuring effective and streamlined communication. This practical solution addressed one of the core issues identified during the workshop. Furthermore, they planned a follow-up meeting with the Vorstand to sustain the momentum.

Personal Reflections: The Power of Open-Ended Questions

This experience reaffirmed my belief in the power of open-ended questions. Such questions open minds and invite diverse perspectives. Additionally, allowing space for people to express their frustrations while reminding them to focus on the situation rather than individuals proved vital in shifting the group’s dynamics from conflict to collaboration.

Conclusion: A Step Towards Inclusive and Effective Change

This workshop was a step towards fostering inclusive and effective change within the cooperative. It highlighted the importance of understanding, collaboration, and open-mindedness in navigating transitional periods in any organization.

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