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Anne-Cécile Graber is an expert in change processes. With her, every change process becomes a new opportunity. Building on 10 years of experience, she accompanies clients from very different industries, countries and organizations. And always does so with a smile!

Increase your productivity with engaged teams.

In her 10 years of experience, Anne-Cécile Graber has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the business world and is familiar with the various requirements and challenges of 21st century management. A polyglot, she has lived and worked in several countries and has been immersed in very different cultures. 

Currently, she commutes between Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, and Paris, to advise organizations and accompany restructuring and change processes in companies. Anne-Cécile Graber can be engaged as a one-woman-act, but she also has a network of business partners ready to support her in the background, in order to manage large-scale projects. Her clients appreciate her professional approach and her very personal and intercultural way of addressing their particular challenges.

Team Besprechung Anne Cecile Graber Expertin für Organisationsentwicklung

Leadership & Communication

Strategie -Anne Cecile Graber Expertin für Organisationsentwicklung

Strategy & Change Management

Talent Management - Anne Cecile Graber Moderatorin für Organisationsentwicklung und Business Consulting

Talent & Performance Management

Three pillars of work. Two paths for the customer.
Clarity for the steps ahead.

As a consultant and change pilot, ACG works as strategically and structured as necessary and as spontaneously and inspired as possible. The three pillars of her work are Leadership & Communication, Strategy & Change Management and Talent & Performance Management. These pillars entail that ACG works for companies and organizations as well as for individuals. In management Jargon: B2B and B2C. But no matter which topic, no matter which constellation, in any case you can rely on Anne-Cécile’s clear mind.

Change - Anne Cecile Graber Moderatorin für Organisationsentwicklung und Business Consulting

Teams and organizations in transition, in change processes, transformations or in the restructuring of their business model.

Führung - Anne-Cecile Graber Moderatorin für Organisationsentwicklung und Business Consulting

Managers and employees in determining where they stand or during  a professional reorientation, in navigating to new goals or taking on more responsibility.

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