Anne-Cécile Graber enthuses her clients, her colleagues and her customers. With knowledge, charm & empathy.

Anne-Cécile Graber always gives 100%. One hundred percent conviction, commitment, warmth, empathy and dedication. She has gained experience as a change process coach in many cultures, speaks four languages and is a true cosmopolitan. From her offices in Stuttgart and Paris, she cares for her clients with esteem, respect and inspiration. Empathy and EQ are more important to her than appearances. That’s why her clients enjoy working with her, and the results are there to prove that change can be made with ease and purpose. 

“My aim is to facilitate professional change for the people I guide!” Anne-Cécile Graber

Anne Cecile Graber Organisationsberaterin für Change management
Ideen - Anne Cecile Graber Organisationsberaterin für Change management

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Ability. Competence. Know-how.

Anne-Cécile is recognized for the excellence of her consulting.

When know-how is required:

Anne-Cécile Graber (ACG) accompanies you as an individual and group coach in change processes, trainer in change management and leadership, speaker in transculturality and sparring partner for the top management.

When competence is required:

Life long learning is an important pillar that allows Anne-Cecile to stay up-to-date. She holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Science (Washington) a Bachelor of Arts in Information System (London) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration (Troyes). 

In addition, she is certified in the following areas: Train the trainer (IHK Ludwigsburg), The science of wellbeing (Yale), systemic coaching (Stuttgart), systemic moderation (Weinsberg), Human Centered Design (distance learning), Professional Scrum Master I, (distance learning).

When the know-how is demonstrable:

Anne-Cecile has a varied professional background. She has worked for start-ups (Conferensum, Diafyt, Sing&Ami, Valoris Concept), SMEs (FLÜWO, Moki Mobile Kinderkrankenpflege, pg40 Consulting GmbH, new&able GmbH), international organizations (OECD, Saint-Gobain, Volkswagen, HEC Paris) and many others (EnBW, Leipziger Wasserwerke …).

Business Partner

You don’t have to be able to do everything. But you need partners with whom you can achieve everything. Anne-Cécile Graber has the right network for all the challenges of the 21st century.


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