What is the advice process in decision making?

The advice process is used in self-managed teams and organisations. It allows individuals within organisations to inquire experts, colleagues, or any person impacted by one of their decisions. The advice process takes place before any change is made in order to ensure that the change initiator collected as much information as possible. The initiator is not looking for a consensus but for information to take a the best decision as possible. Furthermore, the change initiator is taking action to fulfill the organization’s vision.

Aim of the advice process

The advice process allows employees in the whole organization to take initiatives and implement changes they find necessary to perform their work and fulfill the company’s vision. Most noteworthy, the advice process is there to ensure that decisions made by the initiator are taking into account the opinion of experts, people involved and impacted by the change. Finally, the advice process can be used in all size of organization. I encourage you to read reinventing organizations for more details on this process. The aim are to:

  • identify unperceived issues
  • find out feasibility of the project / idea
  • collect experts advice and tips
  • solve problems as they appear
  • take on opportunities

Results of the advice process

When the advice process is widely used in an organization. It liberates the energy of its employees. The cooperation born from such process encourages innovation and problem solving. Furthermore, the need for change management disappears as incremental changes are directly implemented by those sensing the need for it. The advice process can be enable by the use of particular software such as an internal wiki / forum.

  • problem solving
  • agile change
  • identification of business opportunities
  • peer decision making
  • good ideas survive, bad one are not followed through

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