What is mind mapping?

A mind mapping is a methodology that companies, start-ups and organizations can use to brain storm new ideas while clustering them in themes. It allows to write down ideas related to each other and identify logical links between some of them. It is based on the way our brains function. Creativity is not a linear process and is restricted by the bullet point listing of ideas. The mind map starts with a question or an idea to develop and new branches are added to the central ideas as ideas emerge. The New ideas are added around the central point and can be linked to others.


This is a great brain storming tool that one can use at anytime alone or in a group. Some people use it to create their to-do list other to collect all their ideas in one place. Its aim is to find and organize as many ideas as possible in one place.

  • find as many ideas as possible
  • let creativity over take
  • generate more ideas than with a to do list
  • group ideas by theme
  • make ideas association


The result of a mind mapping workshop in a group:

  • Creativity boost
  • Organization of ideas
  • Team friendly

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