What is process optimization?

Process optimization is the method to adjust a process in order to optimize some specified parameters without violating some technical or factual constraints. The usual goals are to minimize cost and maximize output and efficiency. This is commonly used to improve decision making.


A process optimization aims to improve the speed, efficiency, adaptability and ease of use of a process. The process can take place offline and online.


The goal is to maximize selected process specifications, while keeping all others at the same quality level. This is done by using process mining tools, discovering the most critical activities and struggles, and taking action on them.Your company needs a process optimization when you are facing problems such as the one listed below:

  • Process are broken when one person is missing
  • Clients are going away because it is too slow
  • Silos are so strong that nothing gets done
  • Communication is broken


The result of a process optimization with us is divided in the following sections. Final documentation and factual improvements. Some of the advantages of a process optimization are listed below:

  • Roles & responsibilities are clarified
  • Identification & Resolution of problematic steps in the process
  • Documentation of Process steps
  • Faster Process
  • Smoother Process
  • Easier Trainings of new employees
  • Easier verification
  • More Tansparency

My clients

The following selected clients worked with Anne-Cécile Graber to improve their process. Sometimes we created new processes in order to satisfy a new business development.

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