What is a rich picture?

The rich picture is a methodology that companies, start-ups and organizations can use to visualize and understand a situation from different point of view. It helps identify critical problems that were not visible because unidentified. Participants are invited to draw the processes, relationships, thoughts, feedback, feelings and so on regarding a framed situation. This creative method is a good support to a change management or process optimization effort.


The rich picture can be used when a person or a group of person cannot identify the origin(s) of a problem because many factors influence the whole system. The rich picture aims to:

  • Identify main actors & processes
  • Identify potential improvement
  • Clarify workflows & roles
  • Framing a situation with different point of views


When implemented in a team, department or organization the rich picture results into an awareness moment for the people involved. It enables to see the same situation from different angles and make sense of it as a group. The visualization of the situation allows the participant to get understand processes and pain points. There are closer to finding a solution as the rich picture captures the whole process.

  • Clarify situation
  • Facilitates communication between participants
  • Fosters more objectivity in teams discussion
  • One shared understanding of a situation
  • Share language to talk about the situation
  • All point of views are visually represented

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Rich Picture workshop