What is change management?

Change management is a discipline developed by specialist in the organizational sciences to transition from a present state to a desired result which can impact individuals, teams, departments and organizations. Furthermore, the change stages can be described as desire to change, evaluation of the change need, estimation of the effort and identification of change agents, change planification, change incentives and adaptation to change. Unfortunately, despite all efforts change management have a failure rate of 70%. What can we do then?

Change management aim

The aim of change management is to facilitate the transition within and outside companies by preparing individuals, teams, department and organization to go through the steps of change. Different theories and best practices can be implemented to help move from one stage to an other one. I believe that changes are accepted by employees that are involved in the decision and are encouraged to take the necessary actions to implement the change. The change has to be goal oriented and the process of change should be prepared and implemented by those impacted from it. The change initiator should expose his idea to people impacted by the change as we as the expert in this area. As a consequence, this will make him / her a real leader. Most importantly everyone becomes a leader of change. There is no good change management but empowered initiators.

The initiator should be given the possibility to test his idea by inquiring his peers which in the end:

  • Reduces resistance to change
  • Enables change agents
  • Increases change acceptance
  • Creates listening of users feedback and adaption to it
  • Avoids absenteeism


After a successful Idea recognition, analysis, ideation, test and implementation the individuals, teams and companies are able to follow new regulation, use the new technology or work in a different way. Here are some of the biggest impacts:

  • Adaptation of the new Technology or process
  • Satisfied employees
  • Low turn-over
  • Low rejection of change
  • Agility
  • Innovation


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