Initial Situation

Would you describe your situation this way?

You already have professional experience and a higher education.

Sometimes you think wistfully of your home country and feel left alone.

You are learning German or already speak it.

You can and want more.

It doesn't work out the way you imagined it would.

You are looking for the causes and the way out.



This 1.5-month program allows you to regain confidence in yourself and to imagine your future in Germany positively. I will accompany you
during this program through contributions and reflection exercises. This allows you to define your best next steps.

Time Investment

1,5 month = 1 module per week (6 modules in total)

1 module = 60-minutes call with me personally + an individually adapted exercise.

individual support between modules


Personal Investment

You commit to participate in all modules.

You do the exercises between each module.

You allow yourself error and doubt. This is how we learn.

Technical requirements

We'll meet online.

Access to Internet and a computer

A German telephone number or Whatsapp


Have you emigrated to Germany and want to grow professionally and privately? You are discouraged because the arrival did not work as smoothly as you thought. You have now realized that you need support to regain your independence. This is how we continue on your path:

This program is for you

You want to feel good in Germany.

You want to recognize your blockages and transform them.

You are ready to invest in your success.

This program is NOT for you

You are satisfied with your situation.

You do not want to change anything in your habits.

You are not looking for a job.

Imagine yourself after the program

You have a choice of suitable positions and can get started.

You believe in yourself again and are ready to "go for it".

You have the energy and focus needed to get things done.

You can make optimal use of your skills.

You have built a network of useful contacts.

You are ready to kick some a***

Anne-Cécile Graber

Does it talk to you?


Let's take a look at your situation in a non-binding 20-minute call. In addition to a new perspective, you will also gain clarity and begin to imagine possible ways forward.

Simply click on the "Discovery call" button and fill out the contact form. I will then contact you to confirm the date and time of our call. In our initial exchange we will explore your situation and discuss how the program can help you.

PS: I only accept a limited amount of participants per month. Make sure to be one of them.


Additional information

Trust is important to me. All information that you share with me during and after the call is confidential. No one will be informed about the content of the call, even your partner, unless you clearly allow me to do so or seem to put yourself or others in danger.

English is not your favorite language? I speak French, German and Spanish. We will find a way to understand each other even if it means mixing languages and speaking with our  hands.

Enjoy my service from the comfort of your home or wherever you want to make that call. You are not losing time and money in transportation.

Test my service for free. It is important for your success that it is the right fit for you. 

This program contains exercises that are simple yet very powerful. We all know that we sometimes need an accountability partner who is there to keep us going. I can be the one “kicking your ass” with love and laughter.