Based on “Conjecture, the worst form of judgment” Blog


Use this exercise on a regular basis to learn from your judgment and switch on the light (transformative awakening). The aim of this exercise is to provide you with a fresh new way of seeing the world.

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Am I judging?

Describe how you feel right before the reaction.

What am I judging

e.g.: I judge the way the person is talking to me.

Who am I judging?

e.g. I judge my boss / colleague / team.

What I am learning by listening to my judgement

My judgment is based on:

  • My Beliefs
  • My needs
  • My values
  • My role conception (e.g. A boss is supposed to…)

Write down the specific aspect that you just checked above.

e.g. My judgment is based on my belief that the workplace should not be a place for emotional breakdown.

Do I believe this judgement to be useful for me?

The 5 why:

Ask yourself 5 times why you have this belief to go deep down to the real belief.

  • Why do I believe that….
  • Why do I believe that….
  • Why do I believe that….
  • Why do I believe that….
  • Why do I believe that….

Is this belief really helping me achieve my personal development goals?

e.g. Not really

Is my belief true in all cases?

e.g. Yes / No, because….


What belief would I prefer to have?

List at least 3 beliefs you could use to replace the current one:




What else could be the reason of their behavior (not related to me)

Find reasons why people you judged behaved the way they did without implying that you are part of the reason.

e.g. My boss did not listen to my idea because he was worried about his mother who is ill.