Based on “Have you been “silencing” your employees/coworkers?” Blog

Take few minutes to reflect on the following questions:

Sometimes when we work with people that are different from us (gender, age, skin complexion, status) we tend to make decisions based on our conjecture about them. We can learn to listen to other when we first work on ourselves. Here are some questions to help you uncluster your thoughts and be more open to others.

  • What assumptions do I make about the person’s role, rights, and duties?
  • What is bothering me about their behavior?  What behavior do I expect (to see) from them?
  • What would I do if our positions were reversed? How would I feel and how will I react if I were to receive such treatment?
  • Have I clearly expressed my needs and expectations?
  • What open questions could I ask to understand the situation from their point of view?
  • How can I better understand him/her?
  • How am I part of the problem / solution?
  • How can I look at the situation differently to open the communication?

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to organize such a workshop.