This worksheet is based on an article I wrote about self-management:

Use this practice on a regular basis to develop your self-awareness. The aim of this exercise is to provide you with a fresh new way of seeing the world.

Share it with people you care about!

Feel free to print the worksheet, putting things down on paper would help you analyze better


Journal about your daily life

  • What happened today?

e.g.: Today, I…


  • What upset me today?

e.g.: The following thing upset me today.


  • What made my day?

e.g.: The following thing made my day.


  • How does my body feel?

e.g.: relaxed, tensed, fit, ill…


Listen to your body

e.g.: fear, anger, happiness….


e.g.: In my jaw, belly, back…


  • How many times per day  / week / month do you feel it?

e.g.: it happens everyday…


  • In what situation do you feel it?

e.g.: It happens when I speak with an angry customer…


I hope this worksheet will guide you in your self discovery. Feel free to contact me if you have a remarque or a question contact@acgraber-