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Use this practice on a regular basis to understand your interpretation of the world. The aim of this practice is to provide you with key question to your personal reflection.

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Feel free to print the worksheet, putting things down on paper would help you analyze better

In the last practice, I invited you to write down your thoughts and feelings. Now, you can start to wonder if what you wrote is an expectation, an habit or a belief that you have and where it comes from.


Here is a list of questions to help you:

About your thoughts:

Answer the following  questions based on the practice developing self-awareness.

Is this written thought an expectation, an habit or a belief?


Where does this expectation, habit or belief come from?

(e.g. it comes from my family, community, culture)


How does this “family / community / cultural” expectation, habit or belief impacts your life?

(e.g. it helps me feel secure or I feel deprived from my freedom)


About your emotions

In which situation do you feel this emotion?

(e.g. I feel this emotion when I am with my family, my community, people of my culture / organization.)


How does this feel and why?

(e.g. It feels good because I have the impression to be accepted.)


Does it indicate that an expectation, an habit or a belief is not met?

(e.g. It indicates that I fulfill the expectation of my employer regarding my accomplishment at work.)


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Reflect on the following questions. There is no right or wrong answer. Only your answer is important.

  • Do you think that all those expectations, habits or beliefs are serving you?
  • Do you feel aligned with them?
  • Are you emotional about those expectations, habits or beliefs?