I was very grateful for the clear and comprehensible structure. The task units in the ongoing process clearly contributed to the understanding of the topics covered, as the theoretical material gained more relevance through examples. I also found the variety of methods (question techniques etc.) very appealing. The report became dynamic above all through the inclusion of all participants in active discussions. A further quality feature was the adequate leading, the continuous verification whether speed (pacing) etc. is/were in accordance with the framework and the prompt adaptation when this was necessary.
Qualitatively a very high-quality e-learning!

icon testimonial

Before the coaching with Anne-Cecile, I had made the leap from small jobs to the multinational Bosch in Germany where our teams are spread internationally. A new problem arose when I became team leader. I had to initiate a relationship between the European and the Japanese teams without passing for a French without regard for other cultures.

With the coaching, I hoped to find ways to start the collaboration with Japan without making big mistakes. Thanks to Anne-Cecile, I found new lines of thought, new methods and new directions. I also questioned myself without having either a teacher or a shrink in front of me but someone with whom to build solutions.

I like Anne-Cecile’s honesty and professionalism. I recommend her to anyone in an international environment who wants to approach her relationship with others differently.

icon testimonial
Clément G.
Inside Sales

I wanted to have a better view in my current career, before changing job. I had challenges to organize myself and understand what I really wanted. The biggest problem I wanted to solve was to know exactly what I wanted to do and avoid changing without a good vision. 


The crucial point that made me work with Anne-Cécile was to receive help where I needed. I just want now to find a job that suits my professional needs. Now, I have my strategy that I can deploy the soonest I can. The thing I liked the most about the coaching was to have a person in front of me that understand my needs.


The most important thing other customers should know about a coaching with Anne-Cécile is that the final answer is yours. The coach is here to help, not to do the job for you. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. I would encourage people to get a coaching with Anne-Cécile who asks the right questions. 

Leadership Coaching – Daniel Maldonado Arjona
Daniel Erasmo Maldonado Arjona
Buyer at an international car company

Before the coaching I couldn’t decide clearly which should be my next steps. I wanted to be more conscious of me and my capabilities. Today, I am a better person thanks to the interaction with Anne-Cécile and the ambient that we created. I encourage future clients to trust her. 

Lynn B. Feedback – Testimonial – Anne-Cécile Graber
Lynn B.

A great coach is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget. Thanks for your patience, great professional insights and your open minded spirit, I found  a new way in my professional life.

I am very thankful for that.


Penda Bischoff testimonial

Before I came to Germany, I had no idea that things were going to be so difficult. I was at the bottom because I had left a large company where I had been working for several years and where I had stability. Overnight, I became a housewife. I was no longer sure of anything. I told myself that I would not succeed in Germany. I would not have a job and I would certainly not be able to speak German properly, but by working with Anne-Cécile. I wanted first of all to regain my self-confidence.

What convinced me to work with Anne-Cécile during the discovery call was her ability to listen, to always try to understand and the time she took to explain things well.

My ultimate goal is to speak fluent German and have a good job. I am currently learning the German language.

What I liked most was that we could talk for a full hour without being bored. There were always little moments when Anne-Cécile took the time to laugh and that’s very important.

The advantage for me is that I have had a lot of information about Germany and the Germans that I didn’t know about and now I’m ready to apply for jobs in companies.

When working with Anne-Cécile what I liked most was first of all her professionalism, her punctuality and then there is inevitably the result. In the end, Anne-Cécile helped me to be on the way to my goal by feeling able to face the difficulties.

This program helped me a lot, at first I was not too convinced that this experience could change my way of seeing things. Today, I can say out loud and clearly that her program is the best thing that has happened to me in a period of total blackout.

I recommend Anne-Cécile to people whose previous situation is similar to mine. Because I’m sure they’ll find it beneficial.

Translated from French with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Kevin Bijoux
Kevin Bijoux
CTO @ Kannelle

I enjoy working with Anne-Cécile because she has the exceptional ability to listen to understand and give relevant, neutral and humble advice. In times of weakness, demotivation or conflict she can give a positive energy impulse by asking deep introspective questions and giving advice on strategy, management, motivation and organisation when necessary.

Nelly bordelais – Anjali
Nelly Bordelais

Anne Cécile has the ability to identify unidentified needs and propose actions accordingly. She knows how to listen and creates a relationship of trust that dissolves my own doubts and encourage to be clearer and pro-active.
Her humanistic vision of the company is important to me. It gives all its place to the respect of my values.

evelyne abomo valoris concept
Evelyn Abomo
Chef d'entreprise - Valoris Concept

Anne-Cécile has succeeded in our various projects to analyze internal problems which allowed us to improve the efficiency of our processes and to achieve our goals more quickly. I trust and highly recommend her because her expertise in managing change is unique and valuable.

She is not only an excellent consultant, she also has an incredible charisma. I had the chance to work with her on various projects and I was impressed by her way of working. She has an easy contact with her interlocutors, listens with her full attention and has a high emotional intelligence.