Kevin Bijoux
Kevin Bijoux
CTO @ Allvibes

I enjoy working with Anne-Cécile because she has the exceptional ability to listen to understand and give relevant, neutral and humble advice. In times of weakness, demotivation or conflict she can give a positive energy impulse by asking deep introspective questions and giving advice on strategy, management, motivation and organisation when necessary.

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Anne Cécile has the ability to identify unidentified needs and propose actions accordingly. She knows how to listen and creates a relationship of trust that dissolves my own doubts and encourage to be clearer and pro-active.
Her humanistic vision of the company is important to me. It gives all its place to the respect of my values.

Nelly B.

evelyne abomo valoris concept
Evelyn Abomo
Valoris Concept

Anne-Cécile has succeeded in our various projects to analyze internal problems which allowed us to improve the efficiency of our processes and to achieve our goals more quickly. I trust and highly recommend her because her expertise in managing change is unique and valuable.

She is not only an excellent consultant, she also has an incredible charisma. I had the chance to work with her on various projects and I was impressed by her way of working. She has an easy contact with her interlocutors, listens with her full attention and has a high emotional intelligence.